Whether reinforcing sales & marketing teams, competences and skills or simply improving your business performance – SALUTAS* is the answer!

*Lat. I salute you, I cure you

Following paradigm where knowledge is the only resource that is multiplied when divided, in 2007 SALUTAS Consulting & Coaching Company started its activities by sharing competence and skills collected over decades of experience predominantly in pharmaceutical industry by co-founder and managing director of the Company, Boštjan Zdravje.

Pharmaceutical companies that have identified room for improvement in competence and skills of sales & marketing teams have been first customers to benefit from Boštjan’s disseminating his vast and extensive expertise. Interactive workshops driven by excellence in sales & marketing in pharmaceutical industry still constitute a core activity in the portfolio of SALUTAS services.

Since principles in highly competitive and regulated pharmaceutical industry proved to be successfully applied in other industries, SALUTAS has developed close co-operations with companies in food processing, chemicals, services, research&devlopment and information technology. Tailor made approach, professionalism and dynamic working atmosphere are references that recommend SALUTAS to its clients.

Our Clients