Consulting & Coaching


In the business world the only constant feature is change compelling companies to adapt accordingly and to adapt fast. New competence has therefore to be developed and/or reinforced permanently under strong pressure from the market.

SALUTAS has a successful track record of coaching and consulting top and middle executive management. Good results are due to a winning combination of sharing knowledge, trouble shooting and solution providing.

To the satisfaction of numerous companies SALUTAS assisted them in developing consistent and coherent strategies. Preparation of a strategy involves close co-operation with all relevant stakeholders who are led through the process by originally developed tool of isolating strategic directions, setting objectives and identifying key success factors and resources. Rather than developing an extensive document the focus is on successful implementation.

Besides preparation of company strategies, SALUTAS has experience and proven positive record in assisting companies in managing their turnaround as well as in responding to particular needs in developing and up-grading managerial skills e.g. updated or revised financial issues to be addressed by non-financial managers, internationalization of the company’s operation etc.